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A Glimpse into My Sales and Business Journey

I have attended thousands of meetings and sold various types of products, ranging from simple trade for smaller customers (beverages, groceries) for the HORECA segment, to advertising and SaaS products, as well as financial products (fintech) for multinational companies, such as DM Drogéria, Audi, Tesco, Billa, and many others.

I have completed several courses and learned, for example, from Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street) and Peter Sasín (NLP). I have read dozens of books and put all the knowledge into practice, which has allowed me to achieve excellent results.

Today, I enjoy helping others achieve excellent results. I have experience in managing sales teams and have already helped many companies grow their business.

Sales is the art of creating a connection, finding common ground, and helping clients achieve their goals.

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My passion is to drive businesses and teams forward.

Waze Ads

Local channel partner CZ

In one year, I was able to launch the distribution of Waze Ads in the Czech Republic starting from scratch, and I secured partnerships with many multinational companies such as Billa, Tesco, Westfield, Penny, Audi, DM Drogéria, Auto Kelly, Alza.cz, and many others.

After a year, Waze decided to enter the Czech market with an internal team based on the excellent results achieved.

Waze is the most widely used navigation app in the world, with over 1 million active users in the Czech Republic alone (not registered, but active users who regularly use the navigation daily), owned by Google.


Business Partnership Management

Teya is a British fintech company that entered the Czech Republic at the turn of 2020/2021 by acquiring B-Payment, Storyous, and Merchantpas group.

After this acquisition, I joined Teya with the goal of taking over the business operations of B-Payment and advancing the payment terminals (Core product) to the next level. I have established key partnerships, such as with Pilulka.cz, BENU, Colours of Ostrava, and many others.

Within the company, I also regularly conduct workshops for the sales team as part of the Sales Day event, which takes place every month.

Furthermore, I visit universities to deliver lectures on business and Teya’s fintech industry.


My services are used by companies as well as by individuals.

Mystery Shopping

Identifying the weak areas of your sales team by acting as a customer, going through your sales process, and proposing solutions. Mystery shopping and consultations are often the initial steps in our collaboration.

Sales Consulting

Offering consultations on sales processes, strategies, and skills to enhance individuals or team’s performance.

Interim Sales Lead

Working individually with your salespeople, providing real-time assistance, attending sales meetings, and offering feedback to improve their performance.

Sales Scripting

Creating customized sales scripts and call scripts for your team.

Workshops for Corporate Salesforce

Tailoring workshops to meet your company’s specific needs and improve sales effectiveness.

Sales Manual

Creating a comprehensive sales manual for newcomers, including best practices, sales scripts, sales stories, product information, competitor insights, processes, and FAQs.

Sales Consulting Real Time

Providing quick advice, problem-solving, and support for important client interactions and business processes via phone or email.

Coaching 1:1

Tailored coaching programs for sales reps (beginners / intermediate / professionals) looking to improve their skills, maximize earnings, and become ultra-high performers.


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